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Lila Conway

Lila Conway is a certified Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and founder of Yoga Prema. She has been practicing yoga for 20 years, teaching full-time since 2001, received advanced level certification from Sivananda in 2004 and in 2007 was given the blessing to teach yoga teachers as a principal teacher within the Sivananda Yoga Organisation.  Lila has spent the best part of 8 years living in yoga ashrams & centres in India and Canada, being fully immersed in a yogic life of service, study, practice and teaching yoga to students from across the world.  Lila has trained extensively with various schools including Sivananda (Hatha, Raja, Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga), Krishnamacharya (Vedic Chanting/Sanskrit) and Usha Devi (Iyengar Yoga). As a result of years of practice, study and embracing yoga as a way of life, Lila is inspired to share the wisdom and joy of yoga from the heart. Lila spends regular periods of time in India studying and deepening her own practice. She has a highly individual and sensitive approach which resonates deeply with her students. Based in the South West of England, Lila teaches weekly yoga classes, workshops, meditation & yogic study courses, international yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in India, London and Italy.

Course Leader / Course Tutor (2016)


Elahn Keshava

Elahn Keshava is a teacher, writer and musician and the founder of Shekinashram, the world-renowned Bhakti Yoga ashram in Glastonbury UK. Having intensely practised yogic disciplines for 30 years, Elahn has deeply explored the different approaches to spiritual life, and has a wealth of experience both in spiritual practise, and within the different yoga modalities and the diverse spiritual traditions practiced throughout the world. In respect of Raja Yoga, Elahn has principally studied and practised the Iyengar, Ashtanga and Sivananda yoga systems, and has extensive experience as a teacher within the Jnana yoga system of self inquiry.  In the last 10 years or so having been initiated by the late venerable Bhakti Yoga acharya Srila Narayana Maharaj, Elahn’s focus evolved to become principally devoted to the path of Bhakti Yoga. 

Elahn draws from a broad spectrum of spiritual influences, and is well known for his ability to demystify and share vedanta philosophy and the ancient wisdom of yoga in an easy to understand way.  Elahn spends an increasing amount of time in India and travelling the globe with his wife Radhe and daughter Tulsi, sharing the beauty and joy of the path of Bhakti Yoga through kirtan (devotional singing) and storytelling, yet spends the majority of the year in Glastonbury, overseeing Shekinashram, running it’s daily devotional programs and giving guidance and training to spiritual aspirants under the auspices of Sri Ramana Bihari Dasa Babaji.

Course Leader / Course Tutor (2016)


Dory Walker

Teaching for 15 years, Dory has experienced the true spirit of yoga as transformational practice. She believes in the power of yoga to guide conscious evolution, individually and collectively. Certified to advanced level and teaching full time since 2001, Dory has trained with various yoga schools, amongst them Sivananda (traditional hatha Yoga), Satyananda (yoga nidra and meditation), Krishnamacharya (Vedic Chant) and Dona Holleman (enlightened asana work), as well as studying yoga therapy with the Biomedical Trust. Dory teaches retreats and teacher training programmes internationally. Through her own practice Dory has discovered that regular practice promotes effective, positive and healthy living and is inspired to help others establish a strong practise in their own lives. She believes strongly in making the yoga (union) adventure joyful, keeping it light and remembering to laugh! Dory teaches classes, courses and private tuition around Bristol, the South West and London. She is a dedicated yogini and mother.

Joy Of Life co-founder / Course Leader / Course Tutor (2014)


Satish Kumar

Satish is an internationally renowned speaker and author of many books including: Earth Pilgrim and No Destination. He is also Editor of Resurgence and Ecologist magazine.

Guest Tutor - 2014 Training


José Manuel Ponce

José is a cranial-oriented osteopath and yoga teacher / trainer. Manuel has been practising and teaching yoga since 1980 and osteopathy since 1989 and has participated in numerous teacher training programmes. He runs yoga holidays and teacher training courses in the UK and Spain.

Guest Tutor - 2014 Training


Barbara Wren

Barbara has been a practising naturopathic nutritionist for over 40 years who has been teaching for more than 30 years. An inspirational speaker and author of: Cellular Awakening and Our Return to the Light: A New Path to Health and Healing.

Guest Tutor - 2014 Training