Student Testimonials

“An absolutely life-changing experience. Not only can I now teach Yoga to others, but I have learnt how to bring my own spiritual practise alive. And I have made some truly beautiful friends, for life" — Yoga Teacher Training, Goa, November 2014

“If you want to learn to teach real authentic Hatha Yoga from the heart, this is the course for you. Not only have I got the skills to teach amazing yoga, my personal practice has improved 10 fold. What makes this course unique is that it is coupled with Bhakti Yoga, Yoga of devotion and love. The philosophy is brought alive and everyone was blissed out with Bhakti Prema by the end of the month. All teachers and staff at the retreat could not do enough for us. The lengths they went to to make sure every little details was taken care of was unbelievable. This is a genuine course with genuine teachers. Their love and support doesn’t end just because the course has. This is just the beginning and I know my new family are there to guide and support me in everything I do in the future." — Yoga Teacher Training, Goa, Nov 2014

“Thanks a lot for all that you gave or transmitted during this month. You are really an extra-ordinary teacher, an expert in this cosmic play between patience and strictness, warmth and distance. I am very glad that it was you giving new life to these old and great teachings.... Thanks for your teachings and presence" — Yoga Teachers Training Course - Himalayas, India 2012

“Everything I learnt in the ashram under the guidance of you has given me the tools, support and inspiration to turn my life upside down, inside out, jiggle it around and start the process of shaking off as much of my troubled ego as I can, and finding a healthy ego to hold the spiritual juggle of life. The shivananda asana practice you gave me has stayed with me pretty much daily the seed of my days now was planted in the ashram and watered by your guidance, so thought you’d like to hear about the flowers! I know you’ll say it’s not you, but I’d disagree. You gave me (and all the other TTCers) a huge gift, with the way you taught, your example, your patience, humour, warmth and the unique, authentic, shiningness you bought to the ashram" — Teachers Training Course (TTC) Himalayas, 2009

"It's hard to put into words what a wonderful and rewarding experience the Yoga Teacher Training Course was. It was an amazing opportunity to live and breathe yoga, following a traditional teacher training programme which includes daily satsang, kirtan, lectures and meditation. The course changes people’s lives for the better and is an excellent foundation in yoga practice, philosophy and teaching. I came away with a massive enthusiasm to teach yoga and the confidence to take this journey forward. I also met a wonderful group of people who will be friends for life... I really couldn’t have imagined anything better." - L, Yoga Teacher Training, Goa, November 2014

"I just wanted to thank you again for organising such a fantastic teacher training course.  It's been a real pleasure meeting you and the rest of the team, and I feel very fortunate to have been passed on your details.  It's been such a special month that I'm sure will continue to have an impact on me for many years to come.  I can't wait to start teaching and share all the knowledge, energy and joy you have given us with others"  - H.P. Teacher Training India, October 2013

"Thank you for a fabulous course and the most beautiful introduction to India." - Teacher Training India, October 2013

"Thank you for a fantastic month of Yoga, Yoga, Yoga!  It's been amazing to be here for your splendid training" - Teacher Training India, 2013

"This has been such a special month - I've so enjoyed all the yoga, philosophy, chanting and of course meeting my new Bristol family" - Teacher Training India, October 2013